Dining Room

The dining room presents one of the grandest settings of the house; a décor classical in style but with vibrant touches of modernity, it has an undeniably opulent finish. The wallpaper is the most decoratively embellished feature, a floral pattern reminiscent of the 15 acres of gardens surrounding the house. The wallpaper is hand painted bespoke de Gournay, whose pristine finish does not reveal that it was at the heart of one of the most problematic concerns encountered in the 2016 renovation of the house. Interior designers Marcus Crane and Francesca Rowan Plowden faced a problem when they were told that they could not put such fine wallpaper on the original walls of the room due to their poor condition. Re-plastering the walls would have delayed the project in waiting several months for it to dry, but fortunately they found a solution in the use of fast-drying plaster.

Aside this striking wallpaper the dining room décor remains classical, with original oak flooring, an original pair of sycamore and sabicu wood commodes and a mahogany sideboard that belonged to the ancestors of the current Lord FitzWalter. There is an intricately carved rococo marble fireplace feature, an authentic setting for a luxurious dinner.

The centrepiece of the room, the dining table, is in fact one commissioned by the current Lord FitzWalter, Julian Plumptre and his wife, Sally. They played a large part in the renovation of the house, outlining their clear vision for the house to retain its historical character and artefacts whilst being furnished to the highest standard to provide an extravagant countryside retreat for guests. This grand table was one made by British furniture designer and manufacturer Alastair Murray and seats 24 people. Glass panelled doors can be opened out onto the large terrace on the east side of the house, with its views stretching past the parterre into further pastoral scenery.

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